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One day in hospital with shiny and sola

Alright, a realy random entry this time.
shiny_salvation was in hospital last 2 weeks ago, and I visited her. We worked a bit for the yearbook and btw made some cunning plans to flee from the hospital.
I still go for the window-and-roof solution.
Shiny was for just taking the door out. How boring:P

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Here you see shiny sitting at her precioussss laptop. She would trade her firstborn for it:P Alright. Maybe not.:)
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Here you see (or don't) that we have been working at the yearbook.
The astonishiung is: Shiny looks always 'aufgebrezelt':)
She is in hospital, but still weares jewelery make up and everything:)
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Here you see, how shiny tried to choose if she shoulod eat sweets, or not.
Realy fun...I know she wanted to. realy badly. hmm...guess I fetch myself some chocolate:)
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Here you see me, trying to sabotate her bed. I think I realy frightened her withh the up and down...even more when I didn't get her down anymore:P
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Wheelchair! weeeeeeee! that is a weak wheelchair, I know....but ...anyway!:P
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Here she was playing to be *realy* ill:P
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OUr tour outside (to check the ways to flee) made us pass the sign. And I just love it:)
Image hosted by
THat was a monument or sth. I wanted to climb on it...but shiny *somehow* thought it is no good idea. So I ended up just taking pics:P
Image hosted by
That was a present from shinys little sister. If you look long enough at it, you feel realy dizzy:P
Image hosted by
And this is coffee milk. Shiny challenged me to drink all of it together with eating 5 coffee-sugar tabletts.
I did finish of the milk. But those drobs are disgusting,< I didn't manage all of them.
So she won. But I won't tell her:P
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And this is..uhmm...NOT me...doing...sth...random...that shiny MADE me, ähh, her do!:P

All in all I can say the day was rather fun.
But It was such a shame, that shiny had to be in hospital on her and my birthday:(

Anyway...I of course didn't post everything...I left out all the pics (nearly all) with me. Cuz...I can. mwuhahaha:P

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