Sola (sola_tira) wrote in woe_and_randomn,

little lost sola and the leesy post

Yes, my dears,
I will never be able to survive alone in this world.
I'm not even able to manage to send a simple post package to Liesje.
One scintillating day, I brought th ething to the post office, wrote lies' address on it and was happy so far.
After one week I got it back.
I forgott to write down 'Belgium'!
Clever, nor?

When I sended it again, I needed 3 new paper forms and the help of the post man to get it done propperly.
Alas, yayness, that the people had pitty with little lost sola, and the package arrived only one day later!
That is fast work!
Normally it takes even two days in germany.

Don't let me ever free.
The world should hide, or I shall.
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